Episode 2

S2 Ep 2 – The Road to Retirement: How to sell your business and smoothly transition

For most business owners, their business has become a part of them. It’s something they’ve worked tirelessly on for many years, and they’re often deeply entwined in the essential day-to-day operations. That can make it tough to part ways and keep things running smoothly when the time to sell finally comes around.

On today’s episode, we’ll be talking about how to ensure  a seamless transition to retirement or your next venture.

So, how far ahead should you prepare for your sale? How do you maximize value? What kinds of professionals should be on your advisory team? What options are available when it’s time to sell?

We’re joined by experts Ronald English (Partner at Hippenmeyer, Reilly, Blum, Schmitzer, Fabian & English, S.C.), Meagan Rutkowski (Partner, CPA at Bull Moose Financial), and our own Brian McManus (Senior V.P. of Lending, First Federal Bank of Wisconsin) to answer these common questions and lend a few extra bits of wisdom. 

Listen in, and you’ll be fully equipped to prepare an exit strategy, get top dollar for your business, and run through the finish line knowing you’ve preserved your legacy and set the next owner up for continued success.


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