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Episode 5

S1 Ep 5 – Operation Finally Home: A Hero’s Welcome

Our military veterans give us so much, selflessly volunteering their precious time, energy, and strength to serve our country. Yet, when they return home from service, they’re often left feeling underappreciated and have to face difficult hardships. Reassimilating into normal life can be tough — whether it’s finding a fulfilling career, coping with PTSD, or just readjusting their state of mind, veterans and their families often feel like they’re going about it alone.

That’s where Operation Finally Home (OFH) comes in. Operation Finally Home is a program that provides custom-built homes for veterans and their families, giving that home to them mortgage-free. The program was specifically created for veterans who had their time in service cut short because of injury. This uplifting gift to our heroes and their families is a fantastic way to show that they’re truly cared for when they return home.


Keeping It Local: Episode 5 – Operation Finally Home: A Hero’s Welcome 🏡🇺🇸Listen Now:...

Posted by First Federal Bank on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

On this episode, we’ll talk to Michael Berry (VP of Treasury Management, First Federal Bank of Wisconsin) and David Belman (President, Belman Homes) about Operation Finally Home. You’ll learn about how OFH was started, the ways the community supports the program, the positive impacts it’s had on recipient families, and more.

We’re truly proud to partner with this organization, and hope you enjoy learning about the ways it makes a profound impact in our local community.

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