Keeping It Local Podcast

The Community Bank Difference is the gold standard for what it means to provide outstanding support to our communities. That’s why at First Federal Bank of Wisconsin, we are going outside of the products and services we provide to share with you the impact your neighbors are making in Southeastern Wisconsin. On the Keeping it Local podcast, we will be connecting you with local businesses, nonprofits, and community members who share unique perspectives that inspire and educate you on the Community Bank Difference.


  • S4E4 – Building a Better Tomorrow: Habitat’s Impact on Individuals and Families

  • S4E3 – Navigating the Future: Challenges and Opportunities for Community Banks

  • S4E2 – Financial Inclusion with First Federal and Bank On Greater Milwaukee

  • S4E1 – Seizing Opportunities: Key Strategies for Buyers and Sellers

  • S3 E4 – The Latino Entrepreneurial Network: Where Passion and Success Meet

  • S3 E3 – Rising Interest Rates and The State of the Economy Today

  • S3 E2 – Building and Maintaining a Successful Brand with Christine Specht, CEO of Cousins Subs

  • S3 E1 – Financial Literacy: Building Stronger Communities with SecureFutures

  • S2 E4 – Digital Banking: How COVID-19 changed the customer experience

  • S2 Ep 3 – Women in Leadership